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City of Angels Auditions
January 17th & 18th


Directed by: Paul Recupero

Music Directed by: Barbara Newberry

Show Dates: 

May 12th-14th, 2022 & May 19th-21st, 2023

To Audition:

Register for a time slot via SIGN UP GENIUS


COVID Precautions

Audition Date

Performances & Rehearsals


MCT currently requires proof of COVID-19 vaccination for all auditionees. 

Auditions will take place via time slots on the evenings of January 17 & 18 at Shannondell (10000 Shannondell Drive, Audubon, PA 19403).

Callbacks will take place on the evening of Saturday, January 21st, 2023 also at Shannondell

Performances will take place on May 12th, 13th, 19th, 20th @ 7:30pm & May 14th & 21st @ 2:00pm​

Rehearsals will start in February and will generally be held 3 times per week, although not every cast member will be called for every rehearsal.

A preliminary calendar will be provided with your materials before your audition. Mark the rehearsal calendar with all conflicts you have. Please be honest, as the production team will do their best to work around conflicts given at auditions. However, tech week is May 7-11 and is mandatory for the entire cast.  

Character Descriptions

We are seeking to cast all ages, genders, races, abilities, and body types for the following roles:

This is an adult production. All auditionees should be 18+

City of Angels is a smart comedy that requires everything from vocal powerhouses, to big personality characters, to rapid dialogue pros. Strong singers, both female and male, are featured, but not every part requires musical mastery, and some parts are non-singing. In other words, there’s something for everyone!

The production team is looking for a cast of 20 to 23 skillful performers. Everyone except Stine and Stone plays at least two characters (one in the “real world” and one in the “film world”). In addition to this doubling, many actors in smaller/speaking roles will be assigned to play even more characters, so versatility is a must.

The attached “Character Descriptions” identifies the principal and supporting singing roles and how they are doubled. Actors auditioning for these must be able to convincingly play the characters within the noted age ranges (but do not have to actually be within these ranges). Also, there are many supporting and smaller speaking roles not listed in the attached. As mentioned, all the additional roles will be portrayed by a few very versatile actors.


The Characters

STINE (Real) / Himself (Reel) - An avid writer of fiction, smart and witty yet conflicted and naive.

25-35; male; tenor with strong belt

Himself (Real) / Stone (Reel) -  Stine’s creation, a quintessential film noir private eye, sharp and skilled with a haunted past. 

30-45; male; baritone; masterful at dry deadpan

GABBY (Real) / BOBBI (Reel) - Gabby is Stine’s principled wife, an editor and Bobbi is Stone’s ex-wife, a former nightclub singer turned prostitute. 

Late 20s-30s; female; mezzo with strong low range

DONNA (Real) / OOLIE (Reel)  -  Donna is Buddy’s sociable secretary and Oolie is Stone’s wise-cracking secretary. 

Late 20s-30s; female; mezzo/belter

BUDDY FIDLER (Real) / IRVIN S. IRVING (Reel) - Buddy is a slick movie director/producer who is shallow and inflexible while Irvin is a movie mogul. 

50s; male; baritone

CARLA HEYWOOD (Real) / ALAURA KINGSLEY (Reel) - Buddy’s shrewd wife, an actress and Alaura is a femme fatale. 

Late 20s-30s; female; mezzo

AVRIL RAINES (Real) / MALLORY KINGSLEY (Reel) - Avril is a single-minded starlet and Mallory is Alaura’s seductive stepdaughter. 

Early 20s; female; mezzo/belter; Must be OK performing a solo wrapped only in a bedsheet (no nudity)

PANCHO VARGAS (Real) / LIEUTENANT MUNOZ (Reel) - Pancho is an enthusiastic actor and Lieutenant Munoz is a snide police detective. 

30-45; male; plays Latin American; Spanish accent; high baritone

JIMMY POWERS (Both)  -  A smooth crooner. 

30s-40s; male; tenor

ANGEL CITY FOUR (Both) - A vocal jazz quartet who operate as a stylized Greek chorus. 

20s-50s; Four strong vocalists (S/A/T/B) with tight harmonies.


MULTIPLE SPEAKING ROLES - 7-10 versatile performers of all types and ages who each play a variety of smaller roles in both “worlds” of the show, many of which are non-singing, so also a good fit for non-musical theatre actors.

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