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Directed by Heather McElhiney

Assistant Directed by Maddie Sapp

March 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 2023

Variety Club Recreation Hall

What does a person expect out of a blind date? The 2012 musical, First Date, takes the audience through the first meeting of Casey and Aaron, two 30-ish New York City singles set up by friends and family. The two have nothing in common: Aaron is a conservative banker, Jewish, and looking for a meaningful relationship, while Casey is an artist, a shiksa, and a little too funky for Wall Street. With the influences of their friends and family (played out in their imaginations) as well as the effects of social media (Google, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube personified), this first date seems to be doomed. But with the help of a meddling but well-meaning waiter, Casey and Aaron might make a connection after all. With a contemporary rock score, First Date, gleefully pokes fun at the mishaps and mistakes of blind dates and gives hope that there could be that one perfect moment.


Production Team

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